I don’t have the time or energy to clean out my closet. Can you do that for me?

We do offer a closet purging service for $100/hr. If you don’t have the time or patience to sift through closet clutter, EB&T will do an onsite visit to organize closets and get rid of unwanted items (via selling + donations).

How are you different from a closet cleaning service?

We are different for two main reasons: our service and our resale. Closet cleaning services might send you one person for large sum while we offer you the expertise of two people for $100/h. Secondly, we aren’t just going to take your stuff away–we will tell you what to throw, what to donate, and what to resell…and then get YOU part of the profit!

In what condition do clothes need to be in order to sell?

All items should be freed of stains, holes, odors or other imperfections. We only take high-valued items for repairs or cleaning.

Can I track which items are sold?

We do not provide an itemized list with final sale prices with your end-of-month check. At this time, our service’s demand and high volume of items doesn’t afford the EB&T team time for anything but selling, consigning and donating!

Can I sell items which are close to design quality?

We do not accept knock-offs…we’re all about the real deal!

What do you do with clothing which is not sold?

We donate anything that cannot be sold on eBay or at a partnering shop. Have no fear…a donation form with your tax deduction is here. We will donate all unsold clothing to a local charity & provide an itemized donation form with your monthly check.

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