Who We Are

Everyone has their excess baggage.

However, sometimes you can control your baggage and other times you can’t. We choose to focus on the kinds you can.

We live by one basic rule: One wo(man)’s stuff is another wo(man)’s treasure. We are a full-service, one-stop-shop for your excess baggage.

Who has time to really go through their closets? Who has time to set aside the valuable items and resell them? You certainly don’t–which is why we do it for you.

We encourage our customers to put aside great condition, brand-name clothing and accessories with which they are excited and ready to part. We pride ourselves on finding a new home for the items by overseeing the entire pre & post sales process. This means that our clients receive the best value for their items (without lifting a finger!). Whether an item is sold on eBay, consigned to a neighboring resale shop or donated to a tax-deductible charity, we’ve been getting unwanted ‘treasures’ off our customers’ hands – and out of their closets – since 2008.

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