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Perfume might be one of the stranger items which sells well online. However, there is definitely a logic to it. Here’s why it works:

Who actually finishes an entire bottle of perfume?

Almost no one. Many of us get part of the way through a bottle and realize we’re bored of the scent. This is why so many of our clients end up with partials bottles and are often shocked that we can sell these. Bottles need to be spray (no contact with the skin for sanitary purposes) but other than that the possibilities are endless.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 3.39.30 PM

Gifting Galore

How often have you gotten a bottle of perfume as a gift? And how many times were those gifted perfumes actually something you wore? We didn’t think so. So why not sell it? No reason to let that perfume go to waste. Gather together the unused perfumes and sell online.

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Many people collect perfume bottles. You might have a rare bottle or a style which is no longer sold and not even know it!

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Looking to unload some of your perfumes? Don’t throw them out! Contact us.

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