About Nancy

Sue (left) and Nancy (right) celebrating  job well done after a week of hard work.
Sue (left) and Nancy (right) celebrating job well done after a week of hard work.

I like to think of myself as a “Collector of Stuff”–I love design and I love for things to look pretty. For a while I was working at a furniture store and I enjoyed doing my own thing and knowing the merchandise and the customers. When the store moved and a new landlord came in I conveyed with the building and started working at the new store, which was a resale clothing shop.

I loved doing the displays, merchandising, and setting up the systems. The store had some regular customers and I used to love to pull clothing for them. When I met Sue I knew I had to dress her, I would set aside really great stuff for her and her friend. Soon I started thinking beyond the scope of the store: we could clean people’s closets to get the stock we really wanted–we could do all the work for them.  When I met Sue I knew it was the perfect fit.

She was the seller and I was the buyer! I’m good with people, I can pick out clothing for people, and I had thorough knowledge of the resale market. Sue likes to say that I am a native–no matter where I go! It’s true, I will talk to anybody and that is one of the things that makes us such great partners. From the moment we started working together we have been like two halves of the same brain. We just took off with it!

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