About Sue

Sue (left) and Nancy (right) on a trip to New York.
Sue (left) and Nancy (right) on a trip to New York.

It all began with a handbag. Eight years ago, I bought a hand bag at a flea market, a classic Bottega Veneta. At the time I had a friend who used to sell my old handbags on eBay and she told me it was easy and I should do it myself.

Fast forward to when I got my dog and I had to stay at home with him to ensure the house stayed in one piece. Bored, I decided to give it a try. I bought the bag for $10 and so I started the bidding there. I thought to myself: What price would I crap my pants for if this went for it? The answer was $250. Shockingly enough, I went upstairs to take a shower and when I came downstairs and checked the bidding it had already sold for…$250!

Then I started to think about all of the things I had in my closet, all of the things I wanted to get rid of but held onto for no particular reason. I took the sale of the bag as a sign: this is what I should do.

So I started experimenting. I realized that on eBay you need positive feedback and I just sold things, anything.  I offered my service to my friends (out of the goodness of my heart) but when it started to take up too much time and effort to be profitable I started with some fees.

However, not everything is suitable for eBay so I used to go to different resale stores. At one of these stores, I saw Nancy: she was older than the other women working at the store and worked harder than anyone. She had a distinct style and a way of making every client interaction personal. Whenever I showed up she would have clothes set aside for me and she soon became my person stylist. One day she asked my what I do…”I sell crap on eBay.”

After that we never looked back. I told her from the start that if we were going to work together it would all be 50-50 and even then I couldn’t have imagined how perfect the fit would be. We are complementary in every way and for the past 5 years EB&T has grown because of our perfect partnership.

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