&Things: all that glitters might be gold

We get a lot of questions about jewelry. Here are the most frequently asked:

Can I sell costume jewelry?

Most definitely…within some constraints. Costume jewelry works if it has a stamp. We need to verify that it came from a good brand and that it’s authentic.

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Do people still wear brooches?

We don’t know, but they sure buy them. This might seem a little archaic to some people, as quality brooches are often inherited. So while we don’t know who is buying and wearing these we know they fly off the shelves. Just like with costume jewelry it helps if we can authenticate.

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What’s the difference between selling vintage online and selling at a pawnshop or in consignment?

Return of investment. Most of the time when you sell at a consignment store or a pawnshop you get a much smaller cut of the profit. Additionally, the online forum appeals to a broader market than a singular store and with more people viewing your items the demand increases.

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Have jewelry you’re looking to sell? You’ve come to the right place.

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